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The Water Tower in Skänninge

Photo taken during the 1960's, Skänninge.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

MGA model year 1958. The picture was taken at the water tower in Skänninge, Väderkvarnsbacken. There was a place there where one could go swimming and during hot summer days the place was always crowded.

My Ford GT 40

Picture taken 1985, Lidingö.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

The chassis to the Ford GT 40 replica that I built in my garage at Lidingö. The guy that had designed this chassis had also designed the original Ford GT 40. He had also access to the old drawings for the wheel suspensions so he knew his stuff. The original was a Monocoque chassis with aluminum rivets but for the replica we used a space frame chassis instead. V8 and a real Ormbo to two Volvo 240 sound mufflers and a ZF Tomaso gear box. The installation was a little tricky since the Tomaso box was originally supposed to be placed upside down which is important when competing so to get as much power as possible. The benefit with this gear box was that the two rear pinions were exchangeable and one could easily change them out depending on the different tracks when competing. This rear wagon was high quality and made of stainless steel.

They've Probably Sold some Kits

Photo taken in the beginning of the 1980's, Lidingö.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

Ford GT replica with 1960's decor. They've probably sold some kits that wasn't finished, especially in England. Usually it wasn't until the fifth car owner that the car was finally finished. This decor looks like it might have needed a fixer upper but it was well thought through and there really wasn't that much that could have been done any better.

Broken Riley Motor

Photo taken during the 1980's, at my old childhood home on Lidingö.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

This Riley motor had failed when a piston shattered. The crankshaft was totally bent, so there was a lot to work on. We were three guys driving the Riley and we bought an extra car to use for parts. We also called in an outside firm, Dixner, to mold a new crankshaft.

A Convertible Riley

Photo taken during the 1960's, Stockholmsvägen, Lidingö.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

A young Hasse Nyström with the cabriolet down, left-handed traffic and meeting a Volvo PV. The steering wheel was homemade, I remember cutting it out of aluminum and screwing it onto the steering-wheel rim. Notice the blinkers placed in the middle of the steering wheel. The photo was taken at Lidingö on Stockholmsvägen, just in front of the gas station.

A Nordic Specialty

Photo taken during the beginning of the 1970's, Lidingö.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

A Jowet Jupiter model year 1953, rebuilt with a new body for ice racing competitions. This car was popular for ice racing since it had a “pancake motor” which gave a low center of mass. The car was an exchange for one of my old cars – the previous owner wanted something bigger for him and his wife to drive down to France.

The Speed Center Car

Photo taken during the 1980's, Sveavägen in Stockholm.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

Car outside the Speed Center store at Sveavägen in Stockholm. Our own car that was rebuilt with the VW Roadster kit. The kit contained: flat double molded engine hood, double molded cover, 4 floor reinforced beams, wind screen frames - inner and outer, assembly materials, and instructions as well as strength calculations to get the car approved. The kit was priced at 4995 kr (~ $650) in 1985 and think we sold about 300-400 kits.

A Customer Car

Photo taken during the 1980's.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

Sharp looking customer car with EMPI Sprint rims and here one can also see the reinforcement made to the molding. This car passed the car inspection, the key to that was to do a good job with the welding. The picture looks like it was taken by some beach.

Lampan's Ford Anglia

Photo taken during the 1970's.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

A Ford Anglia built for Drag racing and sponsored by Comfort Custom. The owner was the guy in white, Hans Ramstedt, also known as “Lampan” (“lamp head”)

AC Cobra

Photo taken during the 1980's, Stockholm.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

AC Cobra replica with finished decor. Notice the big read lamp that indicates the oil pressure.

Ford GT 40

Photo taken during the 1980's, Stockholm.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

Finished Ford GT 40 replica, minus a problem with the heating. It would get so hot in the car that I decided to put in roof panels made of Plexiglas. These “windows” could easily open to cool off the car. Part of the problem was the heat from the motor in the back and that the radiator was placed in the front of the car. Fruitless attempts were made to try to put in an AC but it just wouldn't fit. This was before the Japanese people invented the smaller AC units.

The Store was Sold

Picture taken during the 1980's, Sveavägen, Stockholm.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Hasse Nyström.

The Speed Center shop at Sveavägen in Stockholm. I got fed up! After all those years with first Comfort Racing and then later on Speed Center I came to the point where it was time to move on. At that time a potential buyer showed up and we made a deal, I had a couple of months to sell off the stock that was left before I closed that chapter of my life. I was off to new adventures as a realtor.

Jo Bonniers Opel Blitz Transporter

Picture taken during the 1980's, Italy.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Sten Sundström/Lasse Widenborg.

Previous owners to this Opel Blitz Transporter from 1970's was Jo Bonnier, Kaj Bornebusch, Gunnar Nilsson, Team Kubero, Kenneth Leim, Lasse Widenborg and his Auto Trans Copmp, Lasse Knöppel and Anders Wickström. Today is the car owned by Sten Sundström and Göran Bynke. Lasse Widenborg is here taking a break on his way back driving a Bizzarini. We are currently looking for more pictures on this Opel Blitz Transporter, would be grateful for any help or tips available!

Lola factory

Picture taken during the 1970's, LOLA-factory.

Picture published 2013-09-12, Sten Sundström/Glyn Jones.

This one was yellow when Joakim Bonnier owned it. I'll attach another picture that was given to me by Glyn Jones at the LOLA-factory. I attach another picture which includes JoBo's truck. This was taken in the Lola Factory at Slough and the car in the foreground is the prototype T300 being assembled for the first time.

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